Thrust - the Simon Anderson Story

In October 1980, struggling with small waves on the fledgling pro tour, Simon Anderson stuck three fins on a surfboard and changed surfing forever. Now, for the first time, Simon tells the whole remarkable story of how a kid from Collaroy graduated to Narrabeen and then took on the surfing world. From the wild early days at Northy, to raucous road trips to Bells and Margaret River,  from pioneering Hawaiian missions to his historic wins at Bells and Surfabout. Simon’s story neatly mirrors the evolution of modern surfing – from longboards to short, singles to twins to thrusters, Aussie Titles  to the pro tour. Still in demand as a shaper to the world’s best surfers, Simon continues to influence the course of surfing history. Co-authored by Simon and Tim Baker, with additional stories by Phil Jarratt, Terry Fitzgerald, Derek Hynd, Andrew Kidman, Hugh McLeod, Reggae Elliss, this is the one surfing book every surfer should own. Over 200 pages and lavishly illustrated with photos by Hugh McLeod, Bruce Channon, Frank Pithers, Jeff Divine, Peter Simons, Mick McCormack, Dan Merkel, Flame and many more, it is an historic record of a ground-shifting era in surfing.

“I wanted to make my equipment really good so when I went out there I’d surf really good, and if I surfed really good, when I came in I’d be really happy. Then I’d go down the pub and celebrate with a few really good mates. That was kind of the cycle, and it was a good cycle and it lasted for years.” Simon Anderson.

“Simon Anderson’s a hell of a lot more important to surfing than those three fins. I think he was one of the absolute greatest surfers of all time, in any era.” Wayne Lynch.

“The story of Simon Anderson and the Thruster is one of Australian surfing’s greatest stories and so deserves an expansive account – one that can give those of us that weren’t present an idea of its enormity. And that is something that Thrust manages to do.” Stu Nettle, Swellnet.

Watch the Thrust trailer by Tim Bonython here