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About Tim

“Tim Baker may well be the most brilliant and incisive surf writer working today, or on any given day for the last twenty years.” worldprosurfers.com

“Baker will make you look at wave riding — and life — in an entirely new light.” Jaimal Yogis, author, Saltwater Buddha

Hi I’m Tim. I’m not going to write about myself in the third person as if there is some busy media department that updates my website for me. It’s just me. It’s a tough, solitary existence, let me tell you.

I’ve written a bunch of books about surfing over the past 20 years or so including: ‘Bustin’ Down The Door,’ (Harper Collins, 1996), ‘High Surf‘ (Harper Collins, 2007), ‘Occy‘ (Random House, 2008) and ‘Surf For Your Life,’ (Random House, 2009). Several have been bestsellers and three of them have received the Surfing Australia Hall of Fame Culture Award.

My latest book Australia’s Century of Surf (Random House, 2013) celebrates 100 years of surfing history. ‘Surfari’ (Random House, 2011) documents my year-long surfing road trip with a young family of four in tow. The children’s book I wrote to go with photographer Ted Grambeau’s stunning images, ‘The Surfer and the Mermaid’, was adapted for theatre for the Bleach Festival. I’m a former editor of Tracks and Surfing Life magazines and currently editor of Slow Living magazine – www.slowmagazine.com.au

Probably the best place to check out all my books in one spot is my Amazon author page. If you’ve enjoyed any of them please feel free to leave a review. If you hated them maybe don’t.

For school bookings please contact:

bookings@bookedout.com.au or



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