Bustin’ Down The Door

  Bustin’ Down The Door is a story of unfaltering self-belief, of immense hardship and struggle, and of hilariously wild times, as Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew sets off from Australia’s Gold Coast, surfboard under his arm, to conquer the surfing world. From spartan days of living on rice and oats while tackling the huge waves of Hawaii, to a glorious rollercoaster ride of parties, fast cars and perfect waves, Rabbit recalls outrageous adventures shared with surfing’s most famous figures – including Nat Young, Michael Peterson, Mark Richards, Tom Carroll and Kelly Slater.

“No triumph-over-adversity cliches or mind-numbing  statistical blasts here. A sports read offering a legitimate story untouched by agents or PR flunkies … a fine book.” Steve Rielly, The Age.

“This is a tremendous book: warm, honest inspirational and fun.” Mike Coleman, Sunday Telegraph.

“A distinctly Hunter S. Thomspon quality, with Bartholomew pin balling his way from one wild brawl to another drunken binge, always teetering on the edge of total disaster … He emerges as someone you’d definitely enjoy having lunch with because he is a born story teller who’s been out there and amongst it with the best of them.” Peter Fitzsimons, the Sydney Morning Herald.