The Rip Curl Story is the remarkable tale of two young surfers – Doug ‘Claw’ Warbrick and Brian Singer – who pursued an audacious dream to make a living in pursuit of the ultimate ride. Bestselling surf writer Tim Baker tells this implausible story in an irresistible series of ripping yarns, offering rich life lessons, a maverick business primer and a wild ride of adventure, good times and outlandish ambitions spectacularly realised. The Rip Curl Story will make you want to surf more, travel further, follow through on that great business idea and pursue your own Search.

“Tim Baker has written a rip-snorting yarn that should be required reading for anyone in business, or anyone aspiring to get into business, to remind them what it’s really all about.” Karyn Scherer, Senior reporter, The National Business Review, NZ

“Tim Baker’s book The Rip Curl Story is hugely entertaining and inspiring. I really enjoyed reading it. When I actually visited Bell’s Beach and had the opportunity to meet with the founders, Brian and Claw, I realised how beautifully Tim has brought to life those iconic characters and places in his book. Highly recommended.” Xavier Simonet, Group CEO, Kathmandu Holdings.



Baker has researched and written a book on the 50 year history of Rip Curl that is something to be proud of. Well written and full of so much information that it will appeal beyond the surf market. In fact, I think this is a good one for people who strive to be their best in the field as these guys show you what determination and listening to customers can do for your company.” Julie Garner