Tim Baker | SURFARI
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Australia’s favourite surf writer on the ultimate surfing road trip

All surfers dream of shedding responsibilities and answering the siren’s call of the ocean swells. For most, it is an ideal that recedes as age advances – as family, career and provider fatigue threaten to overwhelm the wanderlust of youth. But what if you could defy the slow march of age? Shelves all worldly pressures, pack up the family and a few trusty surfboards and hit the open road for the great Australian surfing road trip? Inspiring by such dreams, Tim Baker embarks on the Big Lap in search of the perfect and domestic bliss. Surfari also documents the state of surf culture and our coastline, and the array of colourful characters who inhabit it. It is a story for ¬†any one who has ever yearned for an alternative to the busy, micro-scheduled existence of work, school, shopping and the daily grind. Watch the Surfari trailer here.